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    Your beloved AeroPress – NEW and IMPROVED – your new travel mate.

    Take al the good stuff of the original Aeropress, but smaller, lighter, more convenient, and ready for brewing wherever life takes you.

    Like it’s older sister (check her out here), the AeroPress brews delicious filter, espresso-style and cold brew coffee, in about a minute and cold brew in under two minutes. Slightly tweaking the grind, dose and time is straightforward to make the coffee just how you like it, with the option to make 1-3 cups.

    Compared to the Original AeroPress, the GO is slightly smaller in volume, with maximum portability in mind; Thoughtful engineered, with a smaller scoop and foldable stirrer – balancing quality with convenience.

    Contained in a silicone protective carry case, which doubles as a drinking mug, and carry- all for accessory storage, this nifty gadget will fit into any bag or drawer or be shoved into the most limiting of backpacks. 

    Size: When size really does matter.. think easy to store, light to carry and short brew time! Plus less maintenance and cleaning (read: quick rinse). 
    Yumminess: It’s the same old good brew, smooth, rich, pure & quick. Total Immersion Coffee brewing, made easy and simple. 
    Construction: BPA and Phthalate free. Period.

    • 1 x AeroPress Go Coffee maker
    • Chamber 
    • Plunger 
    • Filter Cap 
    • Compact Paddle 
    • Scoop (14g beans capacity) 
    • Mug with Lid 
    • 350 Paper Filters 

    Brew Capacity: 237mL 
    Cup Capacity: 444mL 
    Dimensions: 12cm x 9cm x 10cm 
    Weight: 326g 


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