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    Keep your setup spotless, with these colour coded, 4 pack microfibre cloth set. 

    Made of a polymide and polyester blend these rags clean effectively, whilst also being easy to rinse, ring out and dry – always ready to go in the stickiest of moments. All cloths are machine washable without any particular requirements or cautions. 

    1 rag, brown in colour, has been designed with a durable eyelet and belt clip for cleaning of coffee grounds. With a colour suitable for disguising the largest of messes, this heavy-duty cloth can be attached to your waist band or grinder foot for ease of access.

    2 smaller blue cloths are just the right size to cater to your steam wands. Being unique in colour reduces the risk for contamination and will provide ease in ensuring milk and steam residue is wiped off swiftly and simply. 

    1 black multi-purpose cloth will see you say goodbye to your old disposable cloth or sponge. This large and soft microfibre is perfect for cleaning up any area, as well bringing shine and polish back to your machine. 

    Brown - 310mm x 600mm (12 inches x 24 inches)
    Blue - 20mm x 20mm (8 inches x 8 inches) 
    Black - 310mm x 310mm (12 inches x 12inches) 


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