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    BODUM - 8 Cup - Plunger



    The classic design of the Bodum French Press Plunger has not changed since its introduction in the 1950's making it a staple in many people’s morning routine. Although not the most innovative of designs or methods, YE OLDE plunger is still the go-to for many, seeking an easy and quick cuppa – a kitchen staple one might say…


    Given that from start to finish, it’s ready to be glugged in about 4 minutes, there’s no wonder why this easy-to-use device is the caffeination station for many.

    It’s as simple as: Boil water, rinse, measure coffee, add water – press and sip.


    Although, with this being said, we shouldn’t label it all as being simple as pie. This little coffee maker is a rather nifty piece of equipment, which homes in on the basics of coffee extraction.

    Possessing a mesh filter that extracts oil, ensures that maximum flavour is delivered in every cup.

    Likewise, it is light, yet durable design is totally dishwasher safe – because let’s be real, who the hell enjoys washing up a plunger, by hand…



    No filter papers or accessories needed!

    Attractive Copper finish

    Easy clean, 3-part stainless steel design

    Dishwasher safe!

    Lid to prevent spilling and control temperature retention.

    Ultra-light, heat-resistant borosilicate glass

    Handle and plunger knob made of BPA free glass (love that)

    Available in 3 cup or 8 cup style


    Our recommendations

    • Focus on your grind. Whether you buy pre-ground coffee or grind it up fresh at home – the coffee must be ground coarser than what is traditionally used on an espresso machine. If you were to feel it between your fingers, it should resemble sand from the beach we wish we were holidaying on right now…


    • Rinse ya plunger before you use it!

    Grab a bit of freshly boiled hot water – slush it around the plunger for about a minute.

    The idea is: allow all the parts to get warmed up!

    Then empty water down the sink (maybe give to a plant?) add your grinds and proceed.


    • Brewing ratios! Obviously, taste is subjective; and some like stronger coffee and other prefer something more mellow and mild. You’re the boss. Adjust it until you like it!

    But to provide you with a starting point - aim for about 60-70g of coffee per litre of water – or 20g of coffee, per cup and a bit (300mL).

    If you want it stronger, increase the amount of coffee.

    Need something a little less punchy – decrease the coffee.



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