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    Cafetto Restore Descaler - 4 PACK



    An unscaled machine is the biggest NO NO for machine longevity and a good tasting coffee

    The Cafetto Restore if your weapon against scale build up.

    PLUS, it is organic, phosphate-free, GMO-free and biodegradable (all the good stuff). 

    Hard water is the result of high levels of dissolved minerals, usually calcium and magnesium, within water. As a result, scale deposits can build up, often seen as a white crust on a heating element. Consequently, this build up requires a greater amount of energy to heat the body of water - often impacting the machine's lifespan and potential for repair / maintenance. 

    As opposed to an espresso machine cleaner, which specialises in blasting away coffee oils, descaler works to remove scale build instead. 

    Designed for domestic machinery (as well as kettles and capsule machines, should you wish) this safe, yet effective powder blend will remove hardwater build up. 

    One box contains 4, 25g single usage sachets - providing you with the ease of premeasured dosages and a 4 month supply. 

    HOW TO USE: 

    1. Dilute: 25g sachet into 1L of warm water
    2. Refer to specific machinery instructions on descaling 
    3. After following the descaling procedure, thoroughly rinse equipment with fresh water (simply, to remove any unwanted taste)


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