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    Love the bean, but not so into the caffeine?

    We got your back. 

    Meet our highly accoladed little friend. Like literally though... we won a bloody medal for this stuff!!

    A blend of Latin American Arabicas, this guy is all about rich creamy mouthfeel and body. 

    Offering clarity and a honeyed nut sweetness, trust us when we say you probably won't even believe that this is decaf. 

    With a base of the finest quality green coffee, this blend has undergone 'Swiss Water Decaffeination', in order to maintain authentic flavour profile, just without the buzz. 


    HONEST COMMENTARY from Coffee MIO Customer (not fake): 

    "HOW IS THIS DECAF!? This tastes better than normal coffee!!"

    - we couldn't agree more. 


    At the end of the day, although the caf is not for you, why should you miss out on enjoying a solid cup.

    Well, now you don't have to.  


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