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    The Pallo Group Head brush is a dual usage tool, well known for its slim yet useful design.

    Gone are the days of burning your mitts while cleaning the machine! Say hello to a smart coffee tool which you’ll want to use! 

    One end of the tool features a densely bristled brush, with the intention of scrubbing the group head area. Although not a substitute to use of regular cleaning detergents – this brush when used frequently is effective at removing courser quantities of surface coffee remnants.

    When the brush is turned over, there is a small bump, measured to fit and unclog the opening on steam wands. Often these holes can accumulate milk residue and deposits, often leading to blockages or loss in steam capacity. 

    The opposite end features a coffee cleaner scoop, for accurately measuring and transferring into a portafilter, with a blind basket – ready for cleaner. 

    Replacement bristle brush heads can be purchased separately, for once you have worn the original one down. They are swapped out by simply screwing and unscrewing the component from the handle.


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