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    HARIO - V60 Server - #02 Black



    Accompany your coffee, with this iconic server. 

    Designed to work alongside your Hario V60 brewer/dripper, this little guy is an amazing accessory. 

    It's heat resistant, mega durable, completely clear glass is a component of the Hario legacy, the japanese brand is world renowned for. 

    Compatible with any sized pour over cone, this server has etched measurement markings on the side and an accurate pouring spout. Say goodbye to spills and splashes and enjoy smooth, fluent pouring action. 


    • Heat-Retaining Server – This guys main objective is to keep your coffee hot, for as long as possible
    • No-Spill Pouring Spout – Specifically designed spout and lid, so you can calmly pour with ease
    • 600mL Capacity 
    • Multi-Purpose Lid – Keeps your coffee hot, helps you pour smoothly, and acts as a stand for your V60 brewer after brewing
    • Materials: Hario Glass, BPA-Free Plastic
    • Dimensions: 162mm (W) x 114mm (D) x 110mm (H)


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