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    PRECISION - Hand Grinder - Wooden


    The Precision hand grinder is not only an exceptionally ergonomic grinder, designed to provide consistency and versatility - but a beautiful, attractive statement piece. 
    With the ability to grind many different types of coffee, varying from a course FILTER grind to ESPRESSO. 
    This grinder positions itself as a versatile and budget friendly tool. 
    With high quality, conical, stainless steel burrs offer low heat retention and consistent grind.
    It's easy to adjust, turn style, setting - this grinder is perfect even for novices.
    A steeped 12 clicks per rotation adjustment, ensures you can grind for a variety of preparation methods. 
    See below, to determine what grind adjustment suits you! 
    The outer exterior is made of an aluminium casing, offers a sturdy, solid feel. 
    Wood grain finish, is infact a smooth paint on the outter steel body. 
    It's compact size and removable arm, makes this quick to assemble and ideal for portability. 
    This grinder comes packaged in a minimalistic kraft box, with surrouding foam protective casing. 
    Includes: instruction manual and 1 x plastic cleaning brush. 
    • 15g Capacity
    • Designed for all purposes from espresso to filter coffee
    • Stainless steel conical burrs
    • Adjustable grind setting
    • Includes cleaning brush
    • Total weight: 420g
    • Dimensions: 120mm x 40mm 


    Espresso - 7 clicks

    Moka Pot / Bialetti - 12 clicks

    Aeropress - 16 clicks

    Pour Over - 19 clicks

    French Press / Plunger - 26 clicks

    Cold Brew / Toddy - 30+ clicks



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