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    Rhinowares - Digital Thermometer



    Never lose track of your milk’s temperature again with the Rhinowares Digital Thermometer. This powerful tool updates instantly on the digital display to give you a precise reading of your steamed milk’s temperature.

    The 13cm long stem can read temperatures between -50 and 250 Celsius. It allows you to set a desired temperature and beeps when it is reached, so you never have to worry about over-steaming again.

    The attachment clip holds the thermometer onto the milk pitcher for you so you can focus on steaming. It works with any size pitcher by allowing you to set the height of the stem tip.

    Basic Steaming Instructions:

    • Slide the thermometer stem through the clip hole.
    • Attach so that the end of the stem is barely sitting above the bottom of the milk pitcher.
    • When your desired temperature is reached or you hear beeping, stop steaming.

    This thermometer isn’t just for milk steaming though. It’s perfect for finding the right temperature for tea brewing, coffee brewing, and general cooking.

    Temperature Guide:

    • Steamed Milk: 50-65C
    • Espresso: 85-90C
    • Black Tea: 100C
    • Green Tea: 70-80C

    If you use the thermometer for cooking food, make sure to clean it well before using it to steam milk or heat water.


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